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Fannie Mae will pay $2.8B to Treasury after profit

Freddie Mac said on Tuesday that it will pay $2.2 billion in June after reporting a first-quarter profit. With next month’s payments, the two companies will have returned about $271 billion to taxpayers. Fannie’s net interest income, which includes income from guaranteeing mortgages, was $5.3 billion, compared to $5.8 billion in the fourth quarter.

Fannie Mae will pay U.S. $5.5B after reporting profit. – Fannie Mae will pay U.S. $5.5B after reporting profit. The government took over Fannie and Freddie in 2008, eventually sending them bailout money of $187.5 billion. Fannie’s portion of that was $116.1 billion, and after March’s payment, Fannie will have paid the U.S. Treasury $159.9 billion.

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Fannie Mae said it expects. to turn over virtually all profits to the Treasury, and the money doesn’t count as repayment for the government’s aid. Freddie Mac said on Tuesday that it will pay $2.2.

Fannie Mae will pay the Treasury Department $7.2 billion after posting an eighth straight quarterly profit, pushing total dividend payments above the $116.1 billion of aid it received after the.

Government-run Fannie Mae , the largest provider of U.S. residential mortgage funding, will pay the U.S. Treasury $8.6 billion after reporting a seventh consecutive quarterly profit on continued.

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Fannie Mae to pay Treasury $5.5 billion after profit doubles. – Fannie Mae’s sibling Freddie Mac, which was also rescued by the government during the recession, said Thursday that it would pay the Treasury a $4.5 billion dividend next month after its profit.

The government-controlled company released its second-quarter results Thursday. Washington-based Fannie Mae will pay a dividend of $3.1 billion to the U.S. Treasury next month if the company’s federal regulator agrees. That payment would bring the total dividends paid by Fannie to $165.8 billion.

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Fannie Mae said Friday that it will pay the U.S. Treasury a $5.5 billion dividend next month after its profit doubled in its latest quarter. The government-controlled mortgage company has already paid the Treasury $154.4 billion in dividends since receiving $116.1 billion in government bailouts.

NEW YORK – Fannie Mae said Friday that it will pay the U.S. Treasury a $5.5 billion dividend next month after its profit doubled in its latest quarter. The government-controlled mortgage company has.

Government-backed mortgage giants fannie mae and Freddie Mac are paying a combined $10 billion in dividends to the U.S. Treasury, a sign that a revived housing market is allowing the once-ailing.

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